Friday, 09 February 2018 16:55

Cyber Security and Autism

Cyber Security is becoming increasingly important, particularly as a result of incidents seen over the last few years. Yet at the same time there is a shortage of experts capable of protecting and defending against Cyber Attacks. The difficulty in recruiting fresh talent into Cyber Security has become a major problem, which may leave the UK at risk in the future.

This is where people with Autism can step in, as they often have skills and traits which are ideal for the job. Unfortunately, many "Aspies" find it impossible to get any jobs as they struggle to get through the recruitment and interview processes used by many employers.

This is where a new project comes in. ASPIE and Wits End Wizardry are working with Dr Emma Philpott from the UK Cyber Security Forum to launch a Community SOC (Secure Operations Centre. The SOC will provide training and opportunities for People with Autism with an interest in IT, with the aim of launching them into a Career in Cyber Security.

The project will run alongside the services ASPIE and Wits End Wizardry already offer, with the aim to provide valuable experience and skills that can help a Member towards a successful future.

Recently, Wits End Wizardry has also partnered with Eco Hosting to provide our Clients a new Web Hosting service that can run alongside our Web Design and Maintenance options. Not only does this allow us to offer affordable Web Hosting, but we are also able to provide extra security, speed and reliability benefits. We can also manage the entire service, giving Clients peace of mind that their websites are always running at their best.