Friday, 17 July 2015 20:35

Mobilegeddon! The new importance of responsive websites

Mobile-friendly websites are now essential since the recent so-called mobilegeddon arisng from Google's algorithm changes. A business can have an awesome website, but if it hasn't been optimized for mobiles it now will not be prominent in Google search results. Website builders and business owners must now ensure that their web design is mobile-friendly: so that it still displays as well on smartphones and tablets as it does on a computer. This means that all features including logo design and all aspects of graphic design transpose well on mobiles.

This change has been named mobilegeddon by the blogosphere. Google has stated that it is not an earthquake that could potentially ruin a business, but a more subtle evolution of how users search for content online. For anyone that is selling online, appearing well in the results of search engines like Bing and Google is vital to their online footfall and viewership.

Google is trying to reassure website owners that this won't be an earthquake which turns their businesses upside down but quite a subtle evolution. But this is still the biggest change in the algorithm since Google's 2011 panda update that cracked down on unscrupulous linkbuilding.

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