Web Design

Web Design

Wits End Wizardry are here to bring small and medium sized businesses an awesome web presence; using high-end web design and development, thorough business systems analysis and outstanding graphic design to give a good competitive advantage. We are based in Worcester, and offer web design for Worcester, Worcestershire and nationally.

We will provide impartial and practical advice in both technical and non-technical terms to enable you to get the best out of any solution that we offer. The result is that all of the websites that we offer are bespoke and beautifully tailored to the specific needs of your business. Every website that we produce is the marriage of your business aspirations and our extensive experience.

Content Management

Even our most basic web design and development solution will include a content management system.

Open Source Foundations

Within our web design studio we use the latest open source content management system technology for a number of reasons:

  • Security
    We use open source software because it is secure. Issues are readily and transparently identified and rapidly fixed by the numerous people working on those projects.
  • Quality
    The open source software that we use is worked upon by thousands of developers with a strong ethos of quality over features that is not present in proprietory software. This means that our solutions are stable and reliable out of the box.
  • Customizability
    Open source software is by definition able to be to changed, adapted and built upon to suit your business needs.
  • Freedom
    The software that we build our solutions with is not locked-in to the fortunes or problems of a single company as with proprietory software. You have the freedom to move and improve the software as you see fit.
  • Flexibility
    Most proprietory software has an upgrade-treadmill which requires users to buy completely new versions every few years. The upgrades will often demand more capable hardware to run properly. Our solutions give you the choice of when to upgrade.
  • Auditability
    Open source software is transparent in its claims: all of the programming source code behind the systems we produces is completely open and available to audit for security and compliance to standards.
  • Cost
    There are no licensing fees to use the software that build our solutions upon, keeping your costs as a business down.
  • Support
    The software that our solutions are built upon are very well supported with a plethora of paid and cost-free options.

Let us work our magic!

We ensure that your key message is above the fold - so that it can't be missed - and that we match your requirements to the most appropriate design to get your audience to interact with you as you need them to. We pay particular attention to user experience to build the necessary authenticity of your site: the colour palette, typography, images and layout.

Above all, your website will be customer-centric and responsive - ensuring that all aspects of your message look great on any device: phone, tablet or computer.


eCommerce is all about selling your products and services online - things like stock control, order fulfilment, payment processing and so on. If you are moving from eMarketing to eTrading or just want to be eCommerce ready, we have the solutions that can be fully integrated with your business and payment systems. The gold and platinum plans offer eCommerce as an upgrade.

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