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By asking Wits End Wizardry to work with you, you agree to the following terms and conditions - 

Wits End Wizardry is a brand name of Axiam PC Repair which is a trading name of Darren Forster, any reference to Wits End Wizardry below refers to Axiam PC Repair and Darren Forster.

1. Work is charged at a minimum rate of £40 an hour unless previously agreed.

2. All files submitted to Wits End Wizardry must be as you want them to appear on the website and must be free from any virus or malware - i.e. the correct resolution, and correct image filters applied to them unless modification is requested.  Image modification is charged at £20 per modification applied and will be done using GIMP.

3. If any files supplied to Wits End Wizardry are found to contain any type of malware or virus they will be removed and a charge of £100 per file for cleaning of Wits End Wizardry's systems will be applied to your account.

4. We are a website design and hosting company, we are able to supply you a website and host it for you, We are not able to offer any advice on any type of marketing that may or may not work for your product.  Any type of advice given on marketing is merely advice and we do not guarantee any of that advice.  If you need someone to market your brand then please find a marketing company and not a website design company.

5. We will not tolerate rudeness or offensiveness to us or our contractors.  Rudeness or offensiveness to us or our contractors could result in your account being terminated with Wits End Wizardry.  Re-applying for a new account will be at the discretion of the Wits End Wizardry owner.

6.  We do not host or design websites that promote illegal activities or negativity towards specific individuals or groups of individuals, such as money laundering, fraud, copyright avoidance, drug dealing, racism, anti-disability, etc.  If it is discovered that your website or your business is involved with any type of illegal activity then your account will be terminated without warning.  Re-applying for a new account will be at the discretion of the Wits End Wizardry owner.

7.  All invoices must be paid within 30 days of their issue.  Failure to make payment within 30 days may result in your web site service being placed on a temporarily hold for a further 30 days, after which your account and all files associated with the account will be deleted.
8.  All contractor invoices will be paid within 30 days of issue.

9.  The customer is responsible for checking all images supplied abide with appropriate copyright laws, and they have permission from the right owners to use the images.  If we are notified that an image is in breach of a copyright law then we will remove the image until we receive proof that you have permission to use the image.  Repeated copyright infringements will lead to account termination.

10.  Computer systems are known for flaws and failures, therefore whilst every effort is made to ensure your website remains live 24/7 this cannot be guaranteed.